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For perspectives from across the globe on key topics and their areas of opportunity and challenge for your business, visit one of our hubs.

The Australian Federal Budget 2021-22

Our experts will be conducting an in-depth analysis of the Australian Federal Budget 2021-22. Explore their insights on the different measures of reform announced.

AQ: Asia Intelligence

AQ, or Asia Intelligence, is our unique approach to unlocking opportunities for clients who are looking to invest into Asia, and connecting Asia with the rest of the world.

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Australia's financial institutions are experiencing more regulatory pressure than ever before. Remain at the forefront of key regulatory issues as we guide and shape the future of financial services.


Modern Slavery

With the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) now in operation, organisations doing business in Australia need to implement policies and procedures to address modern slavery risks and report to government if they meet the threshold requirement.

The Australian Federal Budget 2020-21

Our experts have released an in-depth analysis of the Australian Federal Budget 2020-21. Explore their insights on the different measures of reform announced in the road to recovery.

Belt and Road Hub

We explore the opportunities the Belt and Road Initiative brings for your business, and provide our comprehensive, professional services to help.

Belt and Road

Royal Commission Hub

The final report of the Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry was released on 4 February 2019. Explore our hub to keep up-to-date, access related content and view additional resources.


COVID-19: Implications for Business

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us to think and act differently. Beyond the human response, now is the time to think about what the consequences may be for your business, and how you can prepare.

Data Central

A range of resources to help our clients minimise the legal, regulatory and commercial risks this data-driven environment presents and ensure that its full value is being realised.

The Australian Federal Budget 2019-20

Our experts have released an in-depth analysis of the Australian Federal Budget 2019-20. Explore their insights on a range of different measures and areas of reform.

NEXT: Business, the Environment and Safety today

We have seen many crises in recent times. We have produced NEXT to help you prepare for what may come next.

Deals Hub

Our experts bring you their current thinking, creative solutions, and future projections in light of KWM's most ground-breaking work.

The Future Project

With the rapid pace of change in our markets and the emerging challenges and opportunities facing our clients, we’re diving into key issues that our clients may face in the future.

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Foreign Direct Investment: Changes around the globe

Governments around the world have moved to review their approach to FDI. Our experts provide their view on what the future might look like.

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