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The data economy is transforming the way we do business and leveraging the opportunities it presents is key to staying competitive in an evolving market.

The collection, analysis and use of data as an asset is enabling our clients to predict patterns and behaviours, harness technology and shape their responses to market challenges.

As our ability to commoditise large amounts of data grows, so to do the challenges associated with its use. Data Central contains a range of resources to help our clients minimise the legal, regulatory and commercial risks this data-driven environment presents and ensure that its full value is being realised.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    KWM on AI

    In this publication we look at the key building blocks of a machine learning system and identify some of the unique legal and ethical issues that they present.

    AI & Copyright Infringement

    In Australia to date there have been no cases dealing with copyright infringement in respect of an AI system. When AI can create paintings, books and even music based on Kanye’s rap lyrics how can we impose liability for infringement

    AI & Decision Making

    What is new about automated decision making being undertaken by machine learning systems? Our experts explore this question.

    Ownership of AI generated Works

    Ownership questions arise in relation to works and inventions created by AI. For example, who owns the copyright or patent rights?

    AI & Liability

    Who is liable when AI fails? How, when AI is specifically designed to think differently to a human, can we decide whether or not AI is acting reasonably?

    Facial Recognition

    Although facial recognition technology has been around in various forms for decades – the last few years have been marked by the rapid evolution of the technology and increased adoption rates around the world.

    Our experts explore the legality of facial recognition and the questions people and governments are asking.

    AI & Ethics

    Growing concerns over ethical issues in AI programs are increasing. Our experts unpack the ways your system can be impacting your business.

    Autonomous Vehicles

    Automated cars could dramatically reduce the damage, injuries and fatalities caused by human drivers every day. Despite this there are considerations regarding who takes responsibility when accidents still occur? We look at the increasing prevalence of AVs on Australian roads.

    AI & Legal Personality

    Our experts explore the issues that could arise from granting AI legal personality and how it would navigate such ‘human’ responsibilities.

    AI & Privacy

    As AI becomes more popular, organisations are increasingly being forced to ask themselves how best to balance AI innovation with privacy law compliance.

    5G Snapshot Series: Chinese Equipment Providers

    In our 5G “snap shot” series, we take a key component of 5G deployment and consider the state of play domestically and abroad.


    Data, Data, Data: Supply Chain Management

    We bring you the highlights and key take-outs from the Australian Food and Grocery Council Supply Chain conference.

    10 things you need to know about digital identity

    This KWM BriefSheet sets out 10 points on the what, how and why of digital identity.


    One step closer: draft designation instrument released for Consumer Data Right in energy

    The Consumer Data Right’s implementation in the energy sector is one step closer to becoming a reality. Our experts describe the transformations the energy CDR will bring


    Consumer Data Right In Energy - Are You Ready?

    When the Consumer Data Right arrives, it has the power to fundamentally change the way the energy industry manage and control consumer data.


    Putting data governance and privacy top of your agenda

    The Australian Government’s open data and digital agenda has sparked renewed debate around privacy, governance and security. Our experts discuss the importance of 'privacy by design’.


    Building on the Consumer Data Right to grow Australia’s digital economy

    With Australian banking customers soon able to take control of sharing their banking data using the Consumer Data Right (CDR), the Australian Government is looking to the CDR’s future and how it can support a thriving customer-focussed digital economy.

    Servers cybersecurity

    Consumer Data Right law passed – Open Banking set to start in Australia

    The law to establish the Consumer Data Right (CDR) has been passed by the Australian Parliament. The way is now clear for Open Banking to start in Australia, as the first implementation of the CDR.

    Servers cybersecurity

    NDRC Issues Development Strategy for Autonomous Vehicle

    China’s National Development and Reform Commission has issued a draft Strategy for Innovation and Development of Intelligent Vehicles for public comment.

    Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy

    The Commonwealth Government has published a discussion paper inviting comment on potential changes to Australia’s cyber security regime.


    10 things you need to know about the Internet of Things

    This KWM BriefSheet sets out 10 points on the IoTand how it will transform industry, our daily lives and the global economy


    Key learnings for businesses interested in adopting data-driven supply chains

    Our experts bring you insight into the role that data can play in enhancing businesses’ supply chains.

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