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Mandatory JobKeeper reporting for listed entities: legislation passed

Mandatory JobKeeper reporting for listed entities: legislation passed

On 2 September 2021, the Federal Parliament passed legislation to require listed entities to provide a notice to their market operator containing certain details about payments they received...

03 September 2021

Regulating government access to C-ITS and automated vehicle data

Our experts discuss the National Transport Commission recently released a discussion paper regarding the regulation of access to cooperative intelligent transport system and automated vehicle data.

23 October 2018

NTC flags safety assurance and industry self-certification legislation for driverless vehicles

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has released a consultation Regulatory Impact Statement on Safety Assurance for Automated Driving Systems (the RIS).

19 June 2018

Driverless vehicle trial legislation – state-by-state

As each piece of legislation passes, it is becoming clear that Australia does not have a uniform legislative approach.

28 February 2018

Australian Open Banking Review Released

It provides advice on the design and implementation of Australia’s Open Banking system and is the first stage in a broader consumer data right.

09 February 2018

Driverless cars changing the rules of the road in Australia

The National Transport Commission has released another discussion paper this month asking for input on how current Australian driving laws should be amended to cater for driverless cars.

09 October 2017

ACCC to put the brakes on non-compliance in new car retailing

ACCC’s draft report into Australia’s new car retailing industry considers significant repairs required and focusses on present competition and consumer issues.

14 August 2017

Extended warranties in the firing line from ACCC, ASIC and class actions

Extended warranties have been attracting an increasing amount of regulatory scrutiny in recent years, leading law firms and litigation funders to consider launching class actions.

07 July 2017

New automated vehicle trial guidelines: Getting Australia ready for the driverless car

Companies will need to refer to jointly developed Guidelines by AustRoads and the National Transport Commission when applying for permits and exemptions.

05 June 2017

uberX drivers are supplying “taxi travel” and are required to be registered for GST - Uber B.V. v Commissioner of Taxation [2017] FCA 110

The Federal Court has held that an individual operating as an uberX driver was supplying “taxi travel” and accordingly the individual was required to be registered for GST...

20 February 2017

loT Issues: Allocating liability

As risks associated with the Internet of Things become increasingly apparent, it is inevitable that legislators will need to grapple with how legal responsibility should be managed.

07 December 2016

Automated vehicles - NTC sets out framework for regulatory reform in Australia

The National Transport Commission has released a much anticipated policy paper on regulatory reforms designed to facilitate the introduction of automated vehicles on Australian roads.

24 November 2016

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