07 December 2020

Developing Australia’s Space Industry: How can the Government help you?

The Australian space industry is expanding rapidly.  From hosting a new NASA deep space communication complex near Canberra, to taking delivery of 4.6 billion-year-old asteroid specimens from Japan’s Hayabusa 2 to nurturing rocket start-ups for the satellite industry and beyond.

Against this backdrop, Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to “rocket Australia toward our goal of becoming a major player in the international space industry, while providing benefits across our economy” [1].  The Government has recognised for some time that realising its ambition of a strong and dynamic space sector requires strong government support – the Government’s Strategic Space Pillars represent its initial enablement initiatives and programs, and the recent designation of space as a national manufacturing priority in the Budget is another example.

New “Inquiry into Developing Australia’s Space Industry”

To explore the potential for the Government to further support and encourage the Australian space industry, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources (Committee) has recently launched an inquiry into developing Australia’s space industry. 

The Committee’s terms of reference are to inquire into and report on:

  • the development of space satellites, technology and equipment
  • international collaboration, engagement and missions
  • commercialisation of research and development, including flow on benefits to other industry sectors;
  • future research capacity, workforce development and job creation
  • other related matters

These broad terms of reference provide a unique opportunity for organisations across Australia who are considering how they can harness the potential of Australia’s space industry to underpin innovation and growth to engage with the Government on how it can support them and their industry. 

Submissions to the enquiry close on Friday 29 January 2021.        

Any individual or organisation can submit views and there are no limits on format (yes, even audio-visual submissions are accepted).  Facts, opinions, arguments and recommendations for action are all welcomed.  Further detail (including how to stand out from the crowd) available here.

What is the timing and process?

A concrete timeline has not yet been publicised. 

The overall process is as follows:


More from KWM on space law

KWM has a dedicated team focussed on the development of the space industry and related financing models, opportunities and developments. 

You can also access the first in our series of “Moonlight Space Seminars” here.

Please contact us if you’d like assistance with a submission, or to chat about the opportunity space represents for your organisation.    


[1] Scott Morrison Press Release 13 November 2020:

Key contacts

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