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Major changes to noise regulation of wind farms in Victoria

Energy & Utilities

Northern Territory paves the way for onshore gas

The Northern Territory Government that it has accepted all 135 recommendations of the NT independent hydraulic fracturing inquiry.

17 April 2018

Paramountcy of federal corporate insolvency priority regime upheld again – Linc Energy

The decision provides comfort to insolvency practitioners that they can once again accept appointments to Queensland mining companies without having to immediately cease all mining activity...

15 March 2018

Australian Open Banking Review Released

It provides advice on the design and implementation of Australia’s Open Banking system and is the first stage in a broader consumer data right.

09 February 2018

ASEAN: unlocking Australia’s infrastructure potential

'ASEAN Now: Insights for Australian Business' highlights opportunities for Australian companies to not just build infrastructure in Asia but also win lucrative services.

15 December 2017

Paris and Pacific Trumped

With environmental disputes gaining more prominence in the international political arena, how do we effectively enforce breaches of environmental laws?

01 November 2017

Recent developments in renewable energy disputes

Changes in government policy to reduce state support of the renewable energy sector have led to a significant volume of investment arbitrations being initiated against states.

01 November 2017

To exclude or not to exclude the “Vienna Convention” / CISG?

For contracts where ease of execution and enforcement are key priorities, the CISG can offer a number of advantages.

01 November 2017

Australia's new energy future: the smart meter churn and burn

The Power of Choice reforms are designed to enable consumers to better understand and to take control of their electricity use (and their electricity bills).

24 October 2017

Keeping the lights on: Australia’s new energy plan throws a lifeline to ‘reliable’ coal and gas fired power plants

The Australian Government has announced a new energy policy that forces electricity retailers in the Eastern States to ensure they purchase wholesale electricity from a portfolio of sources.

17 October 2017

AEMC Reliability Framework review – something for everyone

The Australian Energy Market Commission is reviewing the reliability of the National Electricity Market and its regulatory framework.

06 October 2017

Consumers and energy retailers draw ahead of DNSPs in “behind-the-meter” market

AEMC releases draft “more preferable” Contestability of energy services rule restricting distribution network service providers from earning a regulated return on “behind-the-meter” assets.

06 September 2017

The Finkel Report: a breakdown of the proposed clean energy target

Of the Finkel Review’s 50 recommendations to improve Australia’s power system reliability, only 1 has not yet been accepted by the Australian Government.

25 July 2017

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