Environmental Advisory

Today, sustainability is all-encompassing, requiring clients to consider the impacts of all levels of their business on the environment and communities in which they operate.  The reaction of governments, community groups and investors, particularly superannuation funds, has been a key driver of change. The importance of heritage protection has also increased, driving change in the way those decisions are made.   

As experts in environmental advisory, we can assist with navigating this complex landscape. We translate the laws and what is required of businesses into actionable insights, making them accessible and enabling our clients to manage the risks and opportunities presented when dealing with projects and investments. 

Some of our recent work includes: 

  • Gladstone Ports Corporation:in the ongoing implementation aspects and corporate governance issues under the whole of ports ILUA, including a comprehensive review and renegotiation of the ILUA. 
  • BHP:on heritage agreements, approvals, procedures and governance processes, to identify and manage exposures to risk of heritage incidents and associated commercial and reputational damage. 

Thought leadership 

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