Anti Bribery & Corruption - Australia

Minimising risk

Given the extra-territorial nature of foreign bribery laws, eye-watering fines levied by regulatory authorities across the globe and the threat of criminal prosecution, it is clear that bribery and corruption are no longer risks that can be ignored.

Preventing bribery and corruption has become a more critical issue as corporates undertake more and more business in developing regions.

To reduce risk, whilst maximising your business opportunities, you need a team which understands local practices in high-risk countries.

We advise clients on proactively managing and responding to their bribery and corruption risks. We do this by providing a range of bespoke services on an international level across all business sectors including:

  • Preparing effective anti-bribery policies that comply with the relevant legislation
  • Preparing comprehensive Codes of Conduct incorporating anti-bribery policies, including whistle-blowing, disciplinary and other related procedures
  • Formulating Guidance Notes and/or practical examples to illustrate areas of risk and compliance in various business divisions
  • Formulating specific policies on gifts, hospitality, facilitation payments and promotional expenditure
  • Advising on wider reputation management issues
  • Advising on, developing and implementing best practice in compliance programmes
  • Preparing and delivering anti-bribery and corruption training programmes
  • Conducting thorough risk assessments on business exposure to bribery and corruption risks, examining existing controls and how these can be enhanced
  • Conducting anti-bribery and corruption due diligence in relation to specific transactions and third party dealings
  • Advising on anti-bribery and corruption warranties and indemnities in contractual arrangements
  • Conducting internal investigations and advising on potential or actual violations of bribery and corruption legislation
  • Advising on external investigations into fraud and/or corruption and liaising with regulators and/or prosecutors throughout the investigation process
  • Advising international and domestic corporations on bribery and corruption issues in relation to a number acquisitions
  • Assisting in the remediation of issues identified during bribery and corruption investigations.

Our global reach allows us to stay abreast of local statutes and their application without losing sight of how they fit into the global regulatory framework.

It makes sense to partner with someone that understands the need to achieve the balance of clear strategy and risk minimisation and has practical solutions at hand.

We have a full team specialising in this area.

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