Helena Busljeta

Helena Busljeta

Helena is responsible for drafting and maintaining the firm's Banking and Finance precedents. She is experienced in:

  • plain English drafting
  • drafting banking and finance precedents such as loan and security agreements
  • developing technology products to support processing of precedents and precedent databases (such as templates, macros and other automation tools).

Helena has also been part of the firm’s PPSA team since the inception of the PPSA reform process. She has advised several major Australian banks, several foreign banks with Australian offices and a range of other corporate organisations on PPSA. Her experience includes:

  • drafting standard documents
  • preparing policies, procedures and systems
  • providing advice on transitional issues
  • providing general PPSA advice
  • providing training and education
  • preparing the firm for the introduction of PPSA
  • drafting the PPSA model clauses for a general security agreement (prepared by the firm with 4 other leading Australian firms)
  • making submissions to the Australian Attorney-General's department on the proposed PPSA reforms
  • making submissions on the statutory review of the PPSA.

Helena is a member of the Asia Pacific Loan Market Association (APLMA) Documentation & Legal Issues Committee which is responsible for drafting and maintaining the APLMA standard Australian Law primary and secondary documentation. She also regularly gives presentations on the PPSA (including lectures at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales).


Legal insights

In early 2021, the requirement to transition all GBP LIBOR loans to risk-free rates (“RFRs”) by 31 December 2021 seemed an almost impossible prospect.

24 September 2021

The Federal Government has just passed the Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2021 to facilitate the electronic execution of documents under s127 of the Corporations Act 2001.

11 August 2021

Temporary measures introduced by the Federal Government to allow company officers to sign documents electronically under s127 of the Corporations Act are about to expire.

19 March 2021

The Federal Treasurer has issued a legislative instrument to allow company officers to sign documents electronically.

06 May 2020

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