02 December 2020

King & Wood Mallesons releases the Collection of KWM Intellectual Property Litigation Cases (English)

King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) and KWM Institute jointly released the Collection of KWM Intellectual Property Litigation Cases (English). This Collection features a large number of typical cases represented by KWM IP Litigation team between 2013 and 2020, many of which were selected by the Supreme People’s Court as “Top 10 IP Cases and 50 Guiding Cases of the Year”, or recognized by provincial courts as “Guiding IP Cases of the Year” and “Innovative IP Cases of the Year”. Judgments of these cases reflect the courts’ principles and implementation standards in hearing cases involving copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, layout-designs of integrated circuits and anti-trust & competition in recent years. Some of them are milestones for China’s IP law practice and IP protection.

KWM IP Litigation team has extensive expertise and practical experience. Of more than twenty authors, most are lawyers who have represented clients in these cases. Leveraging their own professional skills and expertise, some have properly protected the legitimate rights and interests of right holders by conducting comprehensive study on evidence to make relevant argument and defense, while others have contributed to the innovation and improvement of adjudication rules by preparing legal opinions to persuade the judges to make flexible application of rules of adjudication.

As IP litigation is highly professional, complex and confrontational, lawyers are required to develop a holistic approach to deal with various complicated substantive and procedural issues. This Collection provides in-depth analysis on these cases by KWM IP litigation lawyers based on their experience in IP law practice, which may be beneficial to readers engaged in the field.

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