Abuse of Market Power - China

In abuse of market power cases, experience is crucial

Competition regulators everywhere are reigning in aggressive market practices by dominant companies.  China is no different.

In China, market abuse claims may come from complaints raised by other operators or consumers, or investigations conducted by government officials. Our highly experienced legal team will assist you on administrative investigations and private litigation.

Our expertise in defining the relevant market can be crucial to your abuse of dominance case. And we also provide legal analysis and advice to help you avoid market abuse behaviour such as pricing, discrimination among customers, refusal to deal, tying and bundling.

Drawing on our relationships with regulators, we get the best possible result for you. This includes termination of investigations and minimising any penalties and/or reputational damage.

Our clients come from sectors including healthcare, electronics, banking and financing, food and beverages, internet, chemicals, energy, services, retail and hi-tech sectors. Both multinational and domestic corporations benefit from our expertise.

We provide:

  • Compliance guidance
  • Compliance training
  • Advice on administrative or criminal investigation
  • Advice on private litigation.

Discover our latest insights into legal issues affecting your business

With policies taken, China begins to strike e-commerce competition issues. Under such circumstances, what should business operators do? This article may tell you the answer.

14 July 2015

NDRC published a Notice recently, aiming to launch special inspections into illegal conducts of pharmaceutical sector under the Anti-Monopoly Law.

01 July 2015

Under what circumstances will minimum resale price maintenance constitute a vertical monopolistic agreement prohibited by Article 14 of the AML.

04 December 2013

The state will defer collection of individual income tax on annuity; individual with large personal or family due debts cannot hold senior offices

04 December 2013

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