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Reducing risk and resolving disputes

With specialists that have expertise and practical experience in China’s customs and trade compliance and the relevant disputes resolution, you can rely on us to help resolve both day-to-day issues and complex disputes in the customs and trade compliance field.

Our team in China is known for its ability to provide both specialized and comprehensive legal dispute services. We assist with the early health-check and identification of potential issues which pose significant legal risks and we provide robust and innovative solutions for trade and customs-related risk management of industry compliance. We can optimize your import-export model and supply chain management to achieve a more efficient cost control, and also conduct in-house training on corporate customs and trade compliance.

If your company is facing area legal dispute in this area, such as customs audit, anti-smuggling investigations or facing criminal investigations on suspicion of smuggling offense, our legal specialists have the extensive practical experience, social resources and international reach to provide your company with solutions to maximize the protection of your legal rights in international trade matters. We will equip your company with integrated professional legal services in respect of customs law, administrative law and criminal law.

Our clients include world-renowned Chinese and foreign corporations, large foreign multinationals, import and export trading companies, production-oriented companies, processing trade companies, cross-border e-commerce companies and companies in the customs special supervision area. We also provide services for other foreign enterprises involved in China’s import and export trade markets.

We provide legal services for customs law, trade compliance and related disputes solutions.

In the area of customs and trade compliance we have expertise in:

  • Customs valuation and commodity classification
  • Customs tax collection and supervision
  • Processing trade and handbook (e-book) management
  • Supply chain operating model
  • Application and compliance on customs special supervision zone policies
  • Import and export license and quota
  • Customs protection of intellectual property rights
  • Free trade agreement
  • Place of origin
  • Import & export commodities inspection and quarantine

In the area of customs and trade compliance, we could provide the following legal services:

  • Plan on customs duty and import & export matters
  • Conduct due diligence on corporate customs and trade compliance practice
  • Provide general legal advice on the day-to-day customs and trade compliance matters
  • Devise and optimize corporate customs and trade compliance discipline and process
  • Provide professional training on corporate customs practice
  • Optimize import and export and supply chain operating model
  • Respond to customs valuation cases
  • Respond to customs audit and anti-smuggling investigation
  • Bring customs administrative review
  • Bring customs administrative proceedings
  • Act on smuggling criminal cases

We have a full team specialising in this area.

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