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New energy and renewable energy solutions are seen as an essential way to reduce carbon emissions and ensure energy security in China. Our lawyers are experts in designing structures for investment and financing clean energy and renewables that enable you to benefit from the Government incentive schemes available.

This involves analysing the environmental elements and energy-saving characteristics of the project, an area in which our experts are highly experienced. Where a transaction has an international component we work closely with our offices in Hong Kong, Australia and Europe to meet your objectives quickly and efficiently.

Broad expertise in clean energy and renewables

As a client you can take advantage of our law firm’s services in a range of renewable and clean energy areas. These include environmental protection compliance and pollution regulation, environmental due diligence related to acquisition, mergers & acquisitions, investment and financing for saving energy, technology transfer and Intellectual Property protection, Sino-foreign joint venture and cooperation for nuclear power, international construction and investment, and related commercial disputes, .

Our lawyers have participated in environmental legislation at central, provincial and municipal levels, including the newly amended Environmental Protection Law. Because we maintain close contact with the legislative and regulatory authorities, we are familiar with the legislative process and with recent regulatory developments in this sector.

We advise multinational corporations, energy enterprises under central Government control, investment banks, trusts, funds, insurance firms, domestic and international investors, and Government agencies on:

  • žInvestment and financing transactions in renewable and clean energy such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydro and nuclear power.
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and carbon emission trading

We have a full team specialising in this area.

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