Li Xiaocheng


Area of Practice

Ms. Li Xiaocheng specializes in criminal defense, reporting and other litigation matters. She is also adept at providing enterprises with non-litigation services such as criminal compliance, building of risk prevention system, and comprehensive solutions to crime-related projects.

Equipped with extensive practice experience, Ms. Li was recognized as one of China’s Top 10 Prosecutors and has been engaged in cases involving officials at ministerial and provincial levels. She focuses on economic crimes, duty-related crimes, and other major, complex cases whilst being skilled in dealing with crimes in respect of financial securities, smuggling, corruption and bribery, IP, environment, etc.

Ms. Li has advised a series of renowned listed companies, financial institutions, and VC enterprises. She concentrates on spotting and assessing criminal risks for clients, and providing feasible solutions to maximize clients’ commercial interests from a criminal-civil mixed perspective. She is widely praised by her clients and the industry for her profound expertise in the criminal-related issues in the fields of M&A and reorganization of listed companies, protection of business secrets of enterprises, enterprise operation, etc., along with her superb services in relieving clients from criminal issues and assisting them in stopping loss timely.

Based on her years of practice, Ms. Li has authored a large quantity of professional essays open to sharing, summarizing her abundant practical experience. Some of her representative articles include Way of Criminal Compliance in Financing Trade, How to Assist Cross-border Asset Recovery, How Can P2P Platforms Save Themselves——Discussion on Criminal Risks Prevention of Platforms, etc.

Work Experience

Ms. Li joined King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) in 2017. 

Ms. Li graduated and obtained her LL.M from Sun Yat-sen University.

Ms. Li’s working languages are Chinese and English.


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