Sun Huili


Areas of Practice

Ms. Sun focuses on civil and commercial dispute resolution and litigation. She particularly specializes in advising on disputes over real estate and construction projects, corporate and finance, mineral resources and new energy, including pre-trial disputes settlement and litigation/arbitration.

Ms. Sun has handled many difficult, complex and high-value cases, deeply participated in case analysis and planning, document preparation, court appearance, communication, negotiation and other aspects. Ms. Sun provides high quality and efficient legal services to clients with high sense of responsibility, excellent professional ability, keen professional thinking and good communication skills.

In the field of real estate and construction dispute resolution, Ms. Sun has provided legal services for many real estate companies and construction enterprises for the settlement of disputes over first-class and second-class land development, transfer of land use right, joint venture and cooperative development of real estate, transfer and lease of real estate, real estate mortgage guarantee, real estate financing, urban renewal and old city renovation, price settlement of construction projects and quality of construction projects, etc., and has accumulated extensive experience.

In the field of corporate and financial dispute resolution, Ms. Sun has provided legal services for a number of listed/non-listed companies, banks, private equity funds, etc. in dispute resolution in areas such as corporate M&A, judicial disposal of stocks, corporate external guarantee, corporate control rights, shareholders' capital contribution, corporate resolution, equity transfer, financial loan, notes, bonds, VAM buy-back, and fund withdrawal. Ms. Sun has rich experience in the overall dispute resolution of major and difficult cases.

In the field of mineral resources and new energy, Ms. Sun Huili has provided legal services for large energy groups, private enterprises in the settlement of disputes in the fields of assignment, transfer, cooperation, lease, contracting, cross-border mining, mineral resource coverage, mineral product trade, merger and reorganization of coal mine enterprises, EPC contracts for photovoltaic projects, wind power project investment and construction, and purchase and sale of photovoltaic modules/fans. Ms. Sun is skilled in handling various disputes over traditional energy and new energy.

Work Experience

Ms. Sun joined King & Wood Mallesons in 2010. Ms. Sun is a member of the Land and Real Estate Legal Professional Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association.

Ms. Sun graduated from Peking University Law School with LL.M degree economic law and obtained LL.B degree in China University of Political Science and Law. Ms. Sun was admitted as a Chinese lawyer in 2012.

Ms. Sun's working language are Chinese & English.


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