Xia Dongxia


Areas of practice

Ms. Xia Dongxia specializes in civil and commercial dispute resolution, especially those pertaining to corporate, securities and financial disputes. Ms. Xia is experienced in handling disputes in relation to securities compliance and litigation, joint ventures, private equity, corporate restructurings, and mergers and acquisitions.

Ms. Xia has extensive practical experience in securities compliance and litigation. She  has represented dozens of listed companies, securities companies, funds and asset management companies at risk of potential administrative penalties for alleged misrepresentations, insider trading, “rat trading” by funds, market manipulation, and illegal engagement in securities business in administrative hearings, reviews and litigation procedures. She has also assisted a number of listed companies in handling crises related to securities compliance, as well as in facing civil compensation lawsuits filed by investors on misrepresentations.

Ms. Xia is also skilled at all kinds of corporate dispute resolution, including those related to investment, equity and ownership, equity transfer, corporate resolution, “piercing the corporate veil” in direct shareholder liability claims, shareholder derivative actions, corporate liquidation and dissolution litigation, disputes over company control, and board and director disputes. Based on her experience in these cases, Ms. Xia has conducted systematic research on corporate dispute resolution, and has authored publications such as Planning and Responding to Corporate Litigations by Law Press and Winning Strategy - How Should MNCs Respond to Corporate Litigations in China by Peking University Press.

Ms. Xia has also handled hundreds of major commercial cases in the areas of guarantees, notes, insurance, lease, trusts, and disposal of non-performing assets.

Work experience

Ms. Xia graduated from Renmin University of China with an LL.M. Prior to that, she also received an LL.B. degree.


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