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Fit For 55 Package Sets World Leading Path To Zero Emissions

'The Race starts now': Fit For 55 Package Sets World Leading Path To Zero Emissions

The European Commission’s highly anticipated ‘Fit for 55’ package handed to the European Parliament and Council on July 14 is set to accelerate transformations across the EU’s economy.

19 August 2021

Italian High Administrative Court denies non-appellant leniency applicant fine recovery

The Italian High Administrative Court rejected an attempt to recover fines due to the applicant’s failure to participate in the appeal process.

11 February 2016

High Court of Spain annuls transport cartel fines totalling €43 million on procedural grounds

Fines amounting to €43 million imposed by the Spanish competition authority have been ruled unlawful as a result of timing errors.

11 February 2016

European Court of Justice issues decision on the coexistence of EU and national leniency regimes

The ECJ issues a decision on the autonomy of EU and national leniency applications and the need to file with all competent authorities.

22 January 2016

French Competition Authority fines parcel couriers €672.3 million for engaging in anti-competitive practices

On 15 December 2015, the French Competition Authority fined twenty parcel couriers and their trade union €672.3 million for engaging in anti-competitive practices.

08 January 2016

UK Supreme Court upholds CMA’s decision in Eurotunnel/SeaFrance case

The CMA's interpretation of "enterprise" has been confirmed by the UK Supreme Court.

17 December 2015

Price fixing allegations – AGCM opens investigation against main Italian cement producers

The Italian Competition Authority opens an investigation against four of the main Italian cement producers for alleged price fixing.

03 December 2015

European Commission orders recovery of incompatible state aid given to Estonian Air

The Commission orders Estonia to recover aid granted to Estonian Air, which it found incompatible with the Rescue and Restructuring Aid Guidelines.

12 November 2015

Consumer Rights Act 2015 brings American-style class action regime

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 introduces an American-style class action regime and new rules are implemented for the Competition Appeals Tribunal.

02 October 2015

European Commission publishes its decision on IAG acquisition of Aer Lingus

European Commission publishes decision to clear IAG’s Aer Lingus acquisition subject to IAG’s commitment to release Gatwick take-off and landing slots.

25 September 2015

Spanish courts initiate proceedings against petrol operators for price fixing

Spanish court initiates criminal proceedings against Cepsa, Repsol, Galp Meroil and Disa and their executives for price fixing in the petrol industry.

25 September 2015

CNMC fines 12 undertakings €8.8 million for cartel agreements in refrigerated road transport market

The Spanish competition authority has fined 12 undertakings in the refrigerated road transport market for price fixing between 1993 and 2012.

23 July 2015

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