Alfredo Guerrero

Alfredo Guerrero

Alfredo specialises in company, civil and criminal law. He has considerable experience in providing legal direction at all stages of the law process in Spain:

  • Criminal Courts
  • Courts of First Instance
  • Commercial Courts
  • The Contentious-Administrative Courts
  • The Regional Courts of Appeal
  • The National Court of Appeal
  • The Economic-Administrative Courts
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Constitutional Court.

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  • ‘Delito de corrupción entre particulares, de cero a infinito’ (‘The criminal offence of corruption between individuals’) Cinco Días (January 2013)
  • 'Los especialistas en Derecho Concursal ven con escepticismo los resultados de la reforma de la ley' ('Legal specialists in insolvency law are sceptical about the results of legal reforms'), Lawyerpress (January 2012)
  • '20 despachos analizan la reforma del Código Penal' ('20 law firms analyse the reforms of the Penal Code'), Lawyerpress (May  2012)
  • ‘Es el juego online ilegal o alegal en España?’  (‘Is gambling online legal or illegal  in Spain?’) Procuradores (February 2011)
  • ‘El fin de la facturación por horas’ ('The death of the billable hour')  Iberian Lawyer (April 2009)
  • 'SJ Berwin bets for Spain', Legal Today (April 2008).


Madrid Law Association.


Legal insights

With the Covid-19 crisis, the governments worldwide implemented extraordinary legislative measures, with very different effects on foreign investments

08 July 2020

Measures concerning judicial and administrative proceedings resulting from COVID-19 health crisis

18 March 2020

Uncertainty surrounds the future of investment arbitration based on investment treaties concluded between Member States of the EU and, in particular, on-going and future investment arbitrations under...

19 November 2018

Article 21 of the Spanish Arbitration Act (AA), governing the civil liability of arbitrators, has been receiving considerable attention

12 April 2018

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