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Tianjin, a city known for its prominence in transportation port since ancient times, is one of the earliest ports opening to the outside in China and the base of “Self-Strengthening Movement”. The city is also among the first batch of coastal cities opening to the world, and the largest industrial and commercial city in North China. As the largest port city in North China, Tianjin is the national logistics hub and a main node of China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. Strategically located along the Maritime Silk Road, Tianjin is the intersection of the “Belt and Road”, and the eastern starting point of Eurasian Land Bridge. Tianjin is gaining new growth momentum brought by the national strategy of the Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the new development vision of deepening reform and opening-up in an all-round way. This will further demonstrate Tianjin’s strengths and position as a port city.

Taking Tianjin as an important platform, KWM Tianjin CloudOffice will keep up with the overall industrial development of this city, leveraging its capabilities in various areas including finance & capital, securities, customs and trade, cross-border e-commerce, taxation, maritime, debt restructuring, medicine and health, and high-tech industries (manufacturing). KWM Belt & Road Center for International Cooperation and Facilitation will also actively build multilateral cooperative relations with government agencies, legal service institutions and trade associations in countries along the “Belt and Road” Initiative to provide an international service platform for resource sharing in Tianjin.

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