Restructuring And Insolvency

By virtue of our rich experience as bankruptcy application agents and court-appointed bankruptcy administrators, we work with certified public accountants and tax specialists specializing in restructuring cases to provide companies caught in an operating crisis with legal support for bankruptcy, rehabilitation, and reorganization from a business and practical perspective. We use a range of viable finance methods and are committed to providing legal solutions that not only satisfy debtors but also creditors, DIP financing (debtor-in-possession financing), sponsors and other bankruptcy stakeholders, as well as the supporters of reorganization. 

The bankruptcy, rehabilitation, and reorganization services that we undertake include:

  • Acting as an agent for civil rehabilitation applicants
  • Acting as an agent for corporate reorganization custodian
  • Bankruptcy proceedings (an agent for bankruptcy application or a court-appointed bankruptcy administrator)
  • Acting as an agent for particular mediation applicants
  • Acting as an agent for debtors in any clear-up procedure

The key to corporate restructuring is to focus on increasing profits in the main business through the adjustment of operations. We are committed to assisting companies to discover the nature of their problems as early as possible and to formulate a practical restructuring plan, approved by creditors and based on practical experience.

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