29 April 2021

KWM issues Think Tank Report: Law and Practice under the Belt & Road Initiative IV (2021)

In the year 2020, the world was hit hard by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. No part of the economy was shielded from the pandemic. Despite the challenges, the BRI construction continued in a proactive and reality-based manner, demonstrating strong resilience and vitality. The progressing of the BRI added great momentum to the global pandemic fight and the economic stability. 

The BRI represents not only a win-win cooperation in the economic field, but also a dialogue and exchange between civilizations in different jurisdictions. As a global law firm rooted in China, King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) endeavors to give full play to its role in complex legal environment. 

As the fourth instalment of the Series, Think Tank Report: Law and Practice under the Belt & Road Initiative IV covers legal systems, legal risks and typical cases in such areas as investment, project contracting, project financing, and dispute resolution in the BRI countries. The report embodies the collective experience and wisdom of KWM lawyers in advising on BRI projects. The report comprises three parts: the first part is a summary of KWM lawyers' experience and professional advice in overseas investment and project contracting over the years; the second part is an in-depth interpretation and analysis of laws, policies and cases across a number of specific BRI countries; and the last part is an introduction to the legal system of some Russian-speaking countries and a foreign investment guide in such countries.

This publication, written by KWM’s lawyers with rich practice experience in the BRI projects, is intended to provide some meaningful and insightful reference for enterprises and institutions participating in the development of the BRI, and help enterprises “go global” and “bring in”, so as to achieve their business goals in the post-pandemic era.

Chinese version only

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