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NIPA Seeks Public Opinions on Patent Examination Guidelines Amendment

Intellectual Property

Brexit in Brief: Data Protection

[Video] James Walsh talks about data protection as a key issue for many voters, who value their privacy in an increasingly digital world.

14 March 2016

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - How advances in technology are affecting global business

Stefan Krüger discusses how advances in technology are affecting global business, in the third and final in our series of podcasts with The Spectator.

04 March 2016

Red Tape | Corruption contagion - tip of the iceberg

In high profile cases, the cost of regulatory investigation may just be the beginning of a much longer (and more expensive) story.

13 January 2016

Red Tape | Website-blocking injunctions to combat the increasing risk of online copyright infringement

We focus on website blocking injunctions, as one measure that has been used or introduced to tackle online copyright infringement.

13 January 2016

An overview of Trade Mark protection in Africa

As more global businesses expand into the growing African market, protection of their brands has become increasingly important.

11 December 2015

ECJ declares US-EU Safe Harbor decision invalid

Companies, such as Facebook or Google, can no longer base the transfer of personal data to servers in the US on the so called “Safe Harbor Decision” of...

07 October 2015

Comments on judicial protection of intellectual property in Chinese courts in 2014

Recent updates on judicial protection to the IP become hot-spot issues in PRC, which include trademark and patent protection, IP litigation, and etc.

14 May 2015

Supreme Court confirms territorial nature of goodwill in passing off

The Supreme Court has dismissed PCCW’s appeal in its passing off case against Sky.

13 May 2015

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