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New Rules on the R Visa

Labour & Employment

New Rules on the R Visa – Bringing the World's "Super Brains" into the “Bowl”!

China has introduced a more open visa policy for overseas talent.

15 January 2018

A Lawyer's guide to working in China

Organized into 19 stand-alone law topics, this article presents perspectives and on-the-ground experience from an experienced legal counsel in China.

15 November 2017

Whistleblowing in UK branches of overseas banks – the duty to inform

PRA and FCA consult on whistleblowing rules for UK branches of overseas banks

Britain votes to leave the EU – implications for your business

King & Wood Mallesons explores the implications of the vote to leave the European Union

24 June 2016

Proportionate application of remuneration requirements: new European Banking Authority opinion

Proportionality and the remuneration codes: King & Wood Mallesons report

13 January 2016

Are you ready for ChAFTA? Our predictions for business in 2016

The China-Australia FTA will come into force 20 December 2015, benefiting Australian & Chinese businesses.

18 December 2015

Labour mobility under ChAFTA – political compromise or sensible business?

The implications and opportunities for business under the labour mobility provisions of ChAFTA.

23 October 2015

Mobile workers in Europe and the working time directive: business faces higher costs

Mobile workers in Europe and the working time directive: an update on the latest ruling from the European Court.

17 September 2015

Mobile workers in Europe and the working time directive: higher costs for businesses?

A recent opinion from the European Court suggests travelling time should be counted as working time for mobile workers across the EU: King & Wood Mallesons report.

13 July 2015

ChAFTA is here – are you ready?

Following a decade of negotiations, this historic free trade agreement will boost trade & economic growth in both China & Australia for years to come.

17 June 2015

ChAFTA 2014: The winners, the thresholds and the opportunities

Under ChAFTA Australian businesses now have unprecedented access to the world’s fastest growing market and will spur Chinese investment into Australia.

20 November 2014

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