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In a world where organisations increasingly operate across international boundaries, it is critical to remain abreast of local anti-bribery and corruption laws – both in terms of their application to cross-border transactions, local operations for multi-national corporations, and to consider how they fit into an increasingly complex global regulatory framework.

In practice, the issue is particularly pertinent for those organisations doing business in developing regions. But the risk does not stop at these borders. The UK Bribery Act, the Australian Criminal Code, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the Australian Federal Police prosecution of Securency have caused ripples of concern around the world.

Protecting your interests and reducing the risk of commercial loss requires a multi-lateral approach:

  • Developing and complying with a business culture that supports anti-bribery and corruption strategies and minimises risk. This includes insistence on appropriate contractual terms and protection in contracts governing the appointments of agents / representatives and procurement of goods and services; proper dealing with gifts and sponsorships; training; and self-reporting
  • Starting a comprehensive internal investigation at the earliest opportunity
  • Liaising with law enforcement agencies and regulators
  • Proactively dealing with stakeholders such as shareholders, the media, relevant employees and insurers.

These are not challenges you need to face on your own. We have deep experience in assisting clients around the world in devising balanced solutions that efficiently and economically put your business into the best place it can be to protect itself against such a claim and defend one that does arise.

Our specialist anti-corruption lawyers have the experience and expertise needed to ensure your internal policies and procedures are robust and can assist you with:

  • Corporate governance policies and procedures
  • Due diligence for M&A transactions and other investments
  • Internal audits or investigations
  • Regulatory investigations.

Uniquely, we can offer you locally qualified lawyers with long standing experience in these issues in the key jurisdictions.

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Work highlights include advising:

  • A high profile businessman in connection with charges of FCPA violation and successfully defending extradition proceedings
  • Investment advisors on their exposure to issues of bribery and money laundering through their client’s acquisition of target
  • An investment bank on FCPA compliance in relation to investment with foreign state bank
  • A major international company on corruption-related investigations
  • On US bribery and antitrust complaints and settlement negotiations.
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