We put you one step ahead in protecting and enforcing copyright law

From file sharing to digital copying, explosive online growth and technological change has seen copyright laws become a complex global issue. It is one being shaped by legislation, policy reforms, judicial rulings and societal behaviours.

Our experienced copyright lawyers combine litigation and advisory skills with deep industry understanding to help you protect and enforce your rights. Our priority, across the full spectrum of copyright issues, is giving you legal advice that maximises your investment value.

This approach sees us work extensively in both traditional creative industries and in emerging, constantly developing areas such as data and image rights, new media and internet issues. On copyright, our law firm advises clients in sectors such as film and television, computing, financial markets, toys, electronic goods, gaming, fashion, design and retail.

Our copyright law advice covers:

  • Copyright clearance counselling and ownership/chain of title issues
  • Copyright subsistence and infringement
  • Copyright due diligence
  • Database right subsistence, ownership and infringement.
"Widely acclaimed for its leading reputation for both IP prosecution and dispute resolution. Continues to draw clients from both home and abroad thanks to its comprehensive service coverage and consistent high-quality delivery."


We have a full team specialising in this area.

Discover our latest insights into legal issues affecting your business

We focus on website blocking injunctions, as one measure that has been used or introduced to tackle online copyright infringement.

13 January 2016

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