Peer to Peer Lending

Facilitating innovative peer-to-peer lending businesses strategy and opportunity

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms have transformed the consumer lending industry in the UK and US and are rapidly growing in the Australian and Chinese financial services markets. Offering competitive interest rates, simplified application processes and quick lending decisions, they are a compelling alternative to the traditional sources of lending.

Although P2P has traditionally involved lending between individuals, it is expanding to other markets such as mortgages and small business loans, and other types of institutional loans. We expect more changes in this space as it evolves.

We don’t just sit on the sidelines – we’ve got skin in the P2P game. We’re active in the sector, facilitating debate across industry participants with our P2P roundtable series, and collaborating with businesses to create innovative, commercial solutions for their businesses.  Whether you’re the next Alibaba or applying for desk-space at a Fintech hub, we’ve got something for you.

King & Wood Mallesons has been involved in the P2P lending industry from the outset.  We have worked with market entrants, major financial institutions and regulators across the globe.

King & Wood Mallesons Fintech areas of expertise

Our Fintech team work with clients across the following areas:

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