As an international firm, we recognise that our activities have an environmental impact across the world. We are committed to ensuring that our business is environmentally responsible and to continuously improving our performance.

Managing our environmental impact also makes good business sense, by reducing our energy and transport costs. Our priority is to minimise our carbon footprint, which arises mainly from our energy use in our offices. To reduce energy use, we have limited the times when heating and air conditioning plants operate in our London office. Turning off lights, computers and monitors also contributes. Travel is an increasing proportion of our carbon footprint, so we encourage our people to use trains rather than planes and public transport rather than taxis. Our people can also make video calls from their desks, reducing the need to travel. In addition, we are committed to using our resources efficiently and are working to cut the use of paper.

Our office building at 20 Fenchurch Street, EC3, has been confirmed as one of the most sustainable buildings in the City of London after achieving a BREEAM 2011 Excellent rating.

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    Corporate Responsibility

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