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Boasting lucid waters and lush mountains, Jiangxi is home to many outstanding people. The southeastern province has also been known as a land of plenty and a place of cultural significance since ancient times. As one of the provinces along the Yangtze River in southeast China and the gateway to Guangdong and Fujian provinces, Jiangxi has been taking full advantages of its geographical location and resources in recent years to implement its innovation-driven development strategies, endeavoring to build a digital economy and boost the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries. Jiangxi has shown great resilience and vitality in its economic development.

Known as a city of heroes and a marvelous place endowed with fertility, Nanchang is an important city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. With the implementation of the overall industrial development strategy of “One Core, Two Focuses” that centers on the new industrialization and focuses on the development of modern service and modern agriculture, the overall strength and competitiveness of Nanchang is ever increasing. It is now aiming to build Nanchang into a prosperous, beautiful and happy model city for Jiangxi province.

The KWM Nanchang CloudOffice comes into being at a perfect timing. It will give full play to the firm’s unique robust governance structure and the integrated management system, and work closely with other relevant groups within the firm to provide one-stop legal services of high quality and efficiency in such areas as finance and securities, corporate M&A, debt restructuring, dispute resolution, intellectual property, tax planning and data compliance for the economic development of Jiangxi and various local enterprises.

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