31 July 2020

Listing on the London Stock Exchange

More expansive US legislation ensnaring foreign issuers listed on U.S. Exchanges has led to a number of US listed companies casting their net further afield looking for attractive and welcoming exchanges upon which they can list their securities, grow their investor base and increase the research coverage of their companies.

For Chinese issuers in particular, maintaining, or indeed, applying for, a listing on the NYSE or NASDAQ may no longer be a viable option. More hospitable markets, such as the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”), provide a welcoming alternative, offering flexibility as to listing structures and instruments. Coupled with the revival of the Shanghai-London Stock Connect, the LSE offers a low risk hedge against growing political uncertainty.

Accordingly, with the LSE coming in to renewed focus on the international stage, we have prepared the attached, timely article outlining some of the key requirements that any issuer considering an application for admission to trading on either the Main Market or the Alternative Investment Market of the LSE will need to satisfy.

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