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LIBOR cessation: demystifying the switch to risk-free rates

Real Estate

Identifying the beneficial owners of foreign companies

Identifying the beneficial owners of foreign companies – UK real estate or public contracts

16 March 2016

New liabilities for landlords of waste operators

DEFRA has published package of proposals that look set to increase the liability of landlords for waste management operations carried out by tenants on their land.

17 February 2016

CJEU issues guidance on restrictive clauses in commercial lease agreements

The CJEU issues guidance on the interpretation on the potential restrictive effect of tenant veto clauses in commercial lease agreements.

03 December 2015

Developing Nigeria’s secondary mortgage market

The development of Secondary Mortgage Markets is becoming an increasingly important objective of global economies to provide a platform where mortgage originators are able to sell the receivables...

01 December 2015

Housing, Housing, Housing: Housing and Planning Bill and further GPDO reforms

Measures to boost housing supply in England are good news for owners of brownfield sites and commercial buildings suitable for conversion.

23 October 2015

Design life: be careful what you wish for

We can see that the concept of design life has a use but, like other shortcuts to “rock solid” contractor responsibilities, it is not the whole answer.

19 October 2015

A place name, not a brand: Canary Wharf trade mark rejected

After the High Court in London refused a UK trade mark for the name CANARY WHARF, how can you protect the name of your real estate development?

13 July 2015

Past, present and future of PRC’s Foreign Investment Industry Catalogues

A summary of the changes made to the PRC’s Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries and the way forward for future iterations.

27 May 2015

Opportunities for Singapore from the One Belt, One Road Initiative

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative presents a unique opportunity for Singapore to further strengthen its position as a world player.

27 May 2015

Election 2015: the new Government’s agenda for real estate planning and development

The UK’s new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, is an advocate of localism. Simon Ricketts discusses key policies.

15 May 2015

Landlords must implement consumption-based billing for heating and cooling in multi-let buildings

Landlords should act promptly to comply with new UK Heat Network Regulations governing certain types of heating, cooling and hot water systems.

26 March 2015

Changes in legal protection for village greens and assets of community value

Use of village green law as a tactic to thwart property development is being reined in while new safeguards for community amenities are strengthened.

17 March 2015

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