China Issues New Rules On Data Security In Auto Industry


China Issues New Rules On Data Security In Auto Industry

The manner in which China will regulate data security in the automotive industry has become much clearer. This article highlights the key changes made in the Management Provisions.

24 August 2021

China Beauty Market 2021: How to deal with the Domestic Responsible Agent Requirement

China’s announcement of an exemption for animal testing on imported cosmetics will come into effect from 1 May 2021. The size and growth of the cosmetics market in 更多

28 July 2021

Rabbits Rejoice: End of Animal Testing in China...kind of

How the new regulations will affect cosmetics in China.

26 July 2021


以品牌为中心的化妆品行业起源于公元前4000年的古埃及,如何让现代消费者对化妆品继续保持新鲜感? 答案是采用全新的宣传方式和新技术。新技术成为了越来越重要的产品宣传点,至少会让消费者愿意相信这些化妆品确实能达到宣传的效果。


Private Equity Co-investing in Europe 2021

Private Equity Co-investing in Europe – Top tips in securing and evaluating a deal

19 July 2021

The future of custody - New assets and new regimes

We focus on custody, which is at the forefront of regulatory and technological developments across financial services and high value asset industries.

21 November 2019