Fit For 55 Package Sets World Leading Path To Zero Emissions



'The Race starts now': Fit For 55 Package Sets World Leading Path To Zero Emissions

The European Commission’s highly anticipated ‘Fit for 55’ package handed to the European Parliament and Council on July 14 is set to accelerate transformations across the EU’s economy.

19 August 2021

The waste management sector is under close scrutiny by the Italian Competition Authority

The AGCM is making full use of its powers in keeping a close eye on the waste management sector.

18 February 2016

European Commission investigates possible manipulation of ethanol benchmarks in the biofuels sector

European Commission opens competition investigation into three ethanol producers to determine whether they manipulated biofuel sector benchmarks.

10 December 2015

Price fixing allegations – AGCM opens investigation against main Italian cement producers

The Italian Competition Authority opens an investigation against four of the main Italian cement producers for alleged price fixing.

03 December 2015

European Commission orders recovery of incompatible state aid given to Estonian Air

The Commission orders Estonia to recover aid granted to Estonian Air, which it found incompatible with the Rescue and Restructuring Aid Guidelines.

12 November 2015

European Commission publishes Work Programme for 2016

The European Commission’s 2016 Work Programme continues with the priorities outlined last year.

05 November 2015

Ofgem launches the UK government's Offtaker of Last Resort Scheme

The Offtaker of Last Resort Scheme has been launched in an attempt to provide independent electricity generators with a guaranteed route to market.

08 October 2015

Spanish Competition Authority to review competition in the electricity generation market in Spain

Spanish Competition Authority announces plans to commence with an inquiry into the level of competition in the electricity generation market in Spain.

01 October 2015

Spanish courts initiate proceedings against petrol operators for price fixing

Spanish court initiates criminal proceedings against Cepsa, Repsol, Galp Meroil and Disa and their executives for price fixing in the petrol industry.

25 September 2015

CMA refers the Bournemouth Water and South West Water merger for Phase 2 investigation

The CMA has referred the merger of Bournemouth Water with South West Water for a detailed and lengthy Phase 2 merger investigation

11 June 2015

Maximising investment protection in Africa: The Role of investment treaties and investment arbitration in Africa

A review of the protections available to international investors when investing in certain African states.

21 March 2015

Light Stuck in Transmission – Privatising Nigeria’s Transmission Network

This article considers the proposed privatisation of Nigeria’s transmission network by evaluating the current system against a proposed new model.

16 March 2015