Biodiversity finance - An introduction to impact investing

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Biodiversity finance - An introduction to impact investing

In this article, we examine the international biodiversity framework, how to measure and identify biodiversity risk, the various stages of corporate biodiversity performance, and the next steps going 更多

08 September 2021

LIBOR转换方案和美元SOFR 贷款—常见问题解答



Taxonomies and Transition - What do we mean by green?

We examine what green taxonomy means, key success factors for green taxonomy, differences in approach to green taxonomy and how key concepts can be mapped.

18 August 2021

香港上市公司如何从事虚拟资产行业业务? 需要了解的关键事项



A legal guide to NFTs and NFT platforms

From in-game assets, to tokenised art – and beyond. Since Beeple’s USD69 million sale by Christies, the market for and interest in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has soared. 更多

25 June 2021

Carbon trading - Practical insights

We discuss how to offset your carbon emissions, through carbon trading.

24 June 2021