UPC court fees and recoverable costs announced

Patent Update & Alert

Patent Update & Alert

UPC court fees and recoverable costs announced

Unified Patent Court Preparatory Committee issues rules on court fees and recovery of costs

Patents Court finds methotrexate patent invalid for lack of inventive step

Patent relating to use of methotrexate in subcutaneous administration in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis found invalid

Patents Court refuses stay of claim for revocation and declaration of non-infringement

The Patents Court applies the IPCom factors and refuses a stay of patent revocation and DNI proceedings

Patents Court guidance on timing of trials

The Patents Court has applied guidance on the timing of patent trials in a pharmaceutical case

Patents Court grants Actavis declarations of non-infringement in pemetrexed dispute

The Patents Court has granted declarations of non-infringement in the UK, France, Italy and Spain to Actavis in relation to its pemetrexed diacid product

The UPC and Unitary Patent: the final countdown

David Rose, European head of IP, and counsel Nina O'Sullivan comment on the state of play of the UPC agreement in an article for IP Magazine.

Finland ratifies the UPC

Finland has become the ninth Member State to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

Proposed changes to UK patent law to comply with UPC regime

The UK Government has issued proposals to change UK patent law & practice to comply with the UPC and Unitary Patent

EU Commission: no comment on “fair” prices for patent licences

A European Commission economist has stated that the Commission is not in a position to decide what constitutes a “fair” price for a patent license.

Government announces proposals to revise Patent Box regime

The Government has announced its proposed changes to the Patent Box which will be published in the Finance Bill 2016