Safe and Secure – How China Deals with Data


德国《供应链法》– 对中国公司的影响




以品牌为中心的化妆品行业起源于公元前4000年的古埃及,如何让现代消费者对化妆品继续保持新鲜感? 答案是采用全新的宣传方式和新技术。新技术成为了越来越重要的产品宣传点,至少会让消费者愿意相信这些化妆品确实能达到宣传的效果。


The National Security and Investment Bill 2020 is now UK Law

With little fanfare, on 29 April 2021, the National Security and Investment Act (the “NSI Act”) was granted Royal Assent following the approval of the National Security and 更多

24 May 2021

UK government review powers over FDI (March 2021 update focussing on mandatory sectors)

The UK economy remains open for business and overseas investment although since November 2020 there are new controls on FDI will need to be navigated as updated in 更多

24 May 2021

FCA brings first criminal prosecution against a bank

The arrival of the first criminal prosecution against a bank under Money Laundering Regulations (MLRs) by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has led to speculation that the 更多

05 May 2021

KWM London – Our Legal Experience in China

The emergence of China as an economic superpower is undoubtedly the main story of the 21st century.

20 April 2021